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Luxury Shower in a 5 Star Hotel Bathroom

Free video about luxury shower. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this luxury shower video.Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!The luxury shower allowed the artificial irrigation of the body with cold or warm water for personal hygiene. Originally particularly in bathrooms folk to be found, it is today part of a typical modern luxury bathroom. Many homes do not have a bathtub, but only a luxury shower stall. Showers are also including in swimming pools to find and many dressing rooms attached.Showering is practiced in the western world especially from the standpoint of cleaning, but also serves the well-being and relaxation. Showers replaced today to a certain extent the Baden. Usual accessories for showers are soap, shampoo, luxury shower gel, luxury shower cap and brush back.There are free-standing luxury shower cubicles with a small tub (luxury shower tray, also called “luxury shower cup “, formerly 15, now mostly 6 cm depth), but also showers which are integrated in bathtubs. Are showers by waterproof curtains (luxury shower curtain), sliding doors or hinged doors separated from the environment in order to protect it from splashing and ensure privacy. luxury shower enclosures are typically open at the top. The walls are mostly tiled and grouted.Consuming and expensive in execution are showers without level difference to the surrounding space. This wall and floor of the luxury shower area are tiled or covered with waterproof in another way; the floor is tilted slightly towards the end. This design also allows for use with wheelchairs or walking aids. Further extensions may be disabled seating and grab bars. Open Great room showers on the same floor level are in bathhouses etc. encountered.In order not to have to hold the luxury shower head during the luxury shower procedure permanently, luxury shower head holder or luxury shower rods with cone mounted glides where the luxury shower head can be attached. Some special versions the water nozzles are installed directly into the ceiling of the luxury shower stall and no need for a movable luxury shower head. It can also find versions (especially in luxury models) with water jets in the walls of the cabin, some with colored light.Today’s showers often have massage showers, the private room with hot and cold water thermostatic mixing valves, in the public space of a one-handed and single-lever mixer are fed. The collecting vessel in a luxury shower is either a tub or – to avoid misunderstandings – as a cup or luxury shower tray called because the expression tub also an abbreviation of bath used. Different forms of design of the luxury shower apparatus can be found at outdoor showers such as in swimming pools or on beaches. Turning on the water flow usually happens this by pressing a push button, after which water runs for a certain preset time.A general diffusion of bathrooms in Germany took place only in the second half of the 20th century. In new buildings in the 1950s, it still spoke of a wet room. Previously, in tubs, vats or tubs in the kitchen, laundry room or in cities in public baths, the so-called People’s baths, bathed. A luxury bathroom could afford only very wealthy people up to this point. For the luxury of a luxury bathroom following requirements had to be met: a separate room that was possible heating, running water, a connection to the house sewer, a special furnace or boiler, which was big enough to heat a relatively large amount of water can, and ultimately a tub. A transitional form presented the so-called Frankfurt luxury bathroom is, the bathtub was located in this type of housing in the kitchen or in another room.Normal inventory in a luxury bathroom are a bath and / or luxury shower and a wash basin and soap, brushes, towels and fittings. Nowadays, most also is toilet part of the luxury bathroom, in many countries is also a bidet. luxury bathroom ideas but have taken on a new dimension lately. In addition to the purely functional elements such as a luxury shower or toilet increasing focus luxury bathroom ideas for spa elements into modern luxury bathroom concepts (for example, sauna cabins, infrared heat cabins, hot tubs, fitness equipment, etc.).Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!
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