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Teak Shower Mats|Quality Teak|Teak Shower Mat Large|Teak Wood Shower Floor|Teak Wood Shower Mat

Our teak shower mats are designed to fit prefabricated acrylic shower bases or may be custom cut to fit your desired shower base. They are smartly designed with 1 3/8″ wide x 1/2″ thick slats spaced 1/8″ apart to ensure a comfortable, safe surface. Our teak tray are supported on 3/4″ x 3/4″ teak support members, glued and countersunk with marine grade stainless screws, allowing water and soap to run through, leaving you with no surface slippery residue. As you can see from the video, the undersides of the supports are finished with gripping rubber pads.Teak has been used in shipbuilding for centuries, because genuine teak contains a natural oil to retard water and keep the wood from warping, cracking or becoming brittle. As part of the natural wood, genuine teakwood also has the native ability to ward-off fungi, mold and mildew, making it an ideal choice for the moist, wet environments such as the shower. Our teak shower mats are easily removable for shower base tray cleaning. Our genuine teak products are manufactured using only 100% U.S.-certified legal, reclaimed, sustainable, environmentally responsible* teak.Whether you are planning new bathroom construction or a spa area remodeling project, keep The Teak  Seat teak shower inserts in mind. Our teak shower trays are manufactured in the USA, they offer clean contemporary design, unsurpassed quality and extreme durability.Teak shower flooring has been gaining increased attention in the home decorating and
practical bathroom applications within the last several years, and for several reasons. In part this increase has been driven by a trend toward more spacious showers with a more natural finish and look. With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, people are finding that they take more showers than baths. Because of this and a trend toward exposed wood, there is a desire to make the shower space more attractive, more roomy, more functional.A second reason for increased focus on showers is the state of the economy. In today’s market, many people are remodeling their bathrooms because they realize they will be staying in their current home for a good while because moving is not an option. So why not make the bathroom as beautiful and comfortable as possible to maximize their enjoyment? Larger showers with genuine teak shower floor inserts can make a big difference in function, looks and comfort.Choose from a generous warm assortment of genuine teak wood shower mats, sizes and shapes, including square, rectangle and custom cut. You can’t beat unsurpassed affordable quality, fast delivery and USA hand crafted, milled and manufactured teak shower trays.* We use only 100% U.S.-certified legal, reclaimed, sustainable teak. A replacement tree is planted 20 years before a tree is harvested. The teak used in these teak shower mats is the finest in the world and is imported from reputable suppliers bordering Burma (Myanmar), not from Burma. The suppliers observe all international laws regarding labor and conservation. All of the Genuine Teak used by us is harvested from reclaimed forests and is absolutely not endangering or depleting rain forests.Custom Cuts Quoted On Request-Custom Fabrication Takes A Little LongerTeak  Mat Chicago,Teak  Mat New York,Teak  Mat Los Angeles,Teak  Mat Houston,Teak  Mat Dallas,Teak  Mat Atlanta,Teak  Floor Chicago,Teak  Floor New York,Teak  Floor Los Angeles,Teak  Floor Houston,Teak  Floor Dallas,Teak  Floor Atlanta,Teak  Floor Insert Chicago,Teak  Floor Insert New York,Teak  Floor Insert Los Angeles,Teak  Floor Insert Houston,Teak  Floor Insert Dallas,Teak  Floor Insert Atlanta,Teak  Mats Chicago,Teak  Mats New York,Teak  Mats Los Angeles,Teak  Mats Houston,Teak  Mats Dallas,Teak  Mats Atlanta,Teak Wood  Floor Chicago,Teak Wood  Floor New York,Teak Wood  Floor Los Angeles,Teak Wood  Floor Houston,Teak Wood  Floor Dallas,Teak Wood  Floor Atlanta,Teak Wood  Mat Chicago,Teak Wood  Mat New York,Teak Wood  Mat Los Angeles,Teak Wood  Mat Houston,Teak Wood  Mat Dallas,Teak Wood  Mat Atlanta,Teak  Tray Chicago,Teak  Tray New York,Teak  Tray Los Angeles,Teak  Tray Houston,Teak  Tray Dallas,Teak  Tray Atlanta,Teak  Flooring Chicago,Teak  Flooring New York,Teak  Flooring Los Angeles,Teak  Flooring Houston,Teak  Flooring Dallas,Teak  Flooring Atlanta,Teak  Floor Mat Chicago,Teak  Floor Mat New York,Teak  Floor Mat Los Angeles,Teak  Floor Mat Houston,Teak  Floor Mat Dallas,Teak  Floor Mat AtlantaIf you desire a video like this please contact 208-238-0493
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