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What to take to UNI and Manor Bank room tour | ThatQuirkyGirl

——————————– Scroll down for list of what to bring!   —————————————–
This video as you can tell by the title is a room tour of one of the Manor Bank flats at Northumbria university and a list of all the things that I’ve taken with me to uni as well as some things I’ve forgotten. The Manor Bank flats also have storage under the bed but its really difficult to get to so its more for things like suitcases that you don’t need to get out very often.I’ve also made a playlist of my other videos about uni if you’re interested – https://?list=PLM-yO3i49PPGjPxk0pnnP_7yl8zu_EbFQWhat to take to UNI ~Kitchen
~ saucepan (big and small)
~ frying pan
~ plates
~ bowls
~ glasses
~ wine glass (if you’re a wine drinker)
~ mugs
~ cutlery (loads of tea spoons because they disappear!)
~ spatula
~ wooden spoon
~ bottle opener (cork one and normal one)
~ tin opener
~ potato peeler
~ potato masher
~ cheese grater
~ egg cup
~ chopping board
~ tea towels
~ washing up liquid
~ sponges
~ cloths
~ surface cleaner
~ oven tray (something I forgot  )
~ basic first aid stuff (plasters, cold/flu stuff, pain killers)Basic food that I bought
~ bread (keep it in the freezer if you have one so it doesn’t go off!)
~ butter/margarine
~ pasta
~ tinned things like beans or soup ( good for last resorts)
~ snacky things (cerial bars!)
~ breakfasty things
~ milk (I only got a small one because it goes off quickly)
~ pre plan some simple meals (I love fajitas!)
~ condiments (ketchup, jam, peanut butter)
~ some good things like fruit and veg
~ vitamins (especially vitamin C!)
obviously depends what you like to eat   I would avoid ready meals because they’re really expensive :OBathroom (for an en suite room)
~ towels
~ bath mat
~ flannel/exfoliating glove/body scrubber (whatever you wash your body with)
~ toilet roll
~ tooth brush/tooth paste/floss/mouthwash
~ toilet brush (another one I forgot)
~ small bin
~ shampoo/conditioner/shower gel
~ girly things
~ nail clippers
~ tweezers
~ makeup
~ other cosmetics (moisturizer/toner/makeup remover)bedroom
~ mattress topper/sheet/duvet/duvet cover/pillows/pillow covers/extra blanket/heated blanket/cushions
~ clothes obviously (think seasonal) jewlery/accesories/coat/shoes
~ laundry basket
~ laptop/tablet/computer
~ chargers for everything
~ pens/pencils/highlighters/sharpeners/rubbers/felt tips/permanent markers
~ hole punch/stapler/sellotape/pins
~ memory stick
~ envelopes/stamps/address book
~ I’ve got my sewing and knitting stuff (entirely optional  )
~ folders/paper/dividers/plastic wallets/note books
~ diary/calender
~ text books (you can just get them from the library when you get there, don’t spend a fortune!)
~ hair dryer/straighteners/curlers
~ home comforts – lights/pictures/posters/cushions
~ radio/speakers/alarm clock
~ documents – passport/student finance info/health insurance/NHS number/bank details/rental agreement
~ slippers/lounge wear!
~ desk lampPhew! this will probably be added to as I remember more things  Chat to me/ask questions on…
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